How Do I Know I Have a Tooth Infection?

ToothA throbbing, sharp or nagging pain in the tooth is the first and foremost sign or symptom of an infected tooth. When this kind of pain exacerbates especially when you are chewing, it is known as an abscess. Infected gum roots because of the bacteria can usually cause such severe pain. No dental pain must be taken lightly and immediate consultation with your general dentist should be scheduled.

There are several methods that can be used to figure out if you have a dental infection. The two most prominent include monitoring tooth pain and looking for other symptoms such as any fever or swelling accompanying the tooth pain. These and other symptoms have been discussed in detail below:

Tooth Infection Symptoms

Monitor the Tooth Pain

A throbbing, shooting or gnawing kind of pain is usually of great intensity and very sharp when you feel it. The pain can vary from mild to severe. The pain might radiate downward or upward expanding to your head or jaw.

Sensitivity to Temperature and Taste

Some people have teeth that are highly sensitive to cold or hot temperatures. They might also complain about feeling too sweet or sour about a certain substance they eat. This is a sign of weak teeth and an appointment with your dentist must be scheduled to discuss the situation. Small holes inside the enamel medically referred to as 'caries' are responsible for its sensitivity. In layman's terms, we know dental caries as cavities. The dentist will most likely ask you to change your toothpaste as this is not a huge problem and has been detected at an earlier stage.

Teeth Pain while Chewing

An abscessed tooth causes pain often when you are chewing your food. With increased pressure on your jaw and teeth due to eating, this kind of pain may arise and linger long after you have finished chewing. Pay special attention if you are grinding or clenching your teeth, because in that case, this might not be due to tooth infection. A toothache might also be a symptom of ear infections or sinus issues but usually it is accompanied by headaches, as well.

Discharge of Pus or Swelling

A pimple like formation near gums or a gum boil must be taken care of immediately. White pus around the tooth might also be observed. The pus accompanies sharp pain because it is released when your gums are under severe pressure. The puss will lessen the pain as it releases the pressure your teeth or gums are under. In any of these cases, a visit to dentist must be scheduled as soon as possible.

Foul Taste or Bad Breath

These are two other prominent give away for dental infections. These symptoms have a direct link with pus build-up. Due to abscess rupture, the pus may begin to drain and might give a sour or metallic taste but take care not to swallow the pus. The same reason might also cause your breath to smell bad.

Tooth Discoloration

An infected tooth will frequently change its color from yellow to grey or dark brown color.

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