Will Chipped Tooth Pain Go Away?

ToothThe outer layer of the teeth is remarkably strong, but once it gets chipped, broken or otherwise fractured, the inner layer becomes readily exposed to all kinds of problems. It is also the time when the discomfort and pain level is highly excruciating. There can be several reasons for a chipped tooth ranging from biting on something hard, being hit by someone or something, and falling to having cavities or large old fillings that do not support tooth enamel anymore.

Minor chipping often goes unnoticed, but when a large part of the tooth gets broken, this can hurt the nerve of the tooth and can become extremely sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. The availability of a dentist can be ensured immediately in such cases.


You can take the following steps during the interim period to ease the pain.

Avoid food and drinks with extreme temperatures

An exposed nerve of the tooth will be highly sensitive to high temperatures. Make sure to not consumer hot or cold beverages such as tea, coffee or cola. If you must consume these beverages, wait for these to come down to room temperature. Same is the case with food.

Avoid highly acidic foods and sugar

The high content of carbohydrates present in sugary foods will cause bad bacteria to develop in the already hurt tooth. It might lead to more discomfort. An already exposed nerve will also be more sensitive to bacteria if you consume dense sugar victuals when you have a chipped tooth. Foods and beverages high in acidic content will also hurt the exposed nerve very much so avoid acidic drinks and foods like orange, tomatoes, lemon, coffee, etc. as well.

Take over the counter pain relief meds

The two most used drugs that effectively lower the pain levels of the broken tooth are ibuprofen and acetaminophen. The cause of most toothaches is the inflammation of nerve tissue or gum. Therefore a pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties can work wonders in such cases. Ask your pharmacist before taking any pain relief medication for possible interaction or contraindication with any of the other meds you might be taking for different issues.

Try floss

Use waxed floss to remove any remaining food particles between your other teeth and chipped a tooth. It might lessen the ache and discomfort related that was otherwise severe due to the food that is stuck in your teeth.

Use eugenol or oil of cloves

Eugenol or oil of cloves is considered to be the best natural pain relief remedy for chipped or broken tooth problems. Apply a moderate amount of eugenol on the chipped tooth area with the help of a cotton ball and let it remain there for about 10 to 15 seconds. One thing you must take care of (especially with children) is to avoid swallowing the oil of cloves. Eugenol is easily available at various natural food stores.


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