7 Dental Health Treatments

DentalDental treatments can be classified into two major groups, preventive treatments and restorative treatments. Preventive treatments such as sealants, root canal are performed to prevent further damage to your teeth or gums. While restorative treatments involve fillings and fixture, crowns, dentures and teeth whitening, etc.

Dental procedures for healthy teeth

Root canal:

If the damage to the teeth is root deep and it is affecting the gum, it requires a root canal to save the teeth. In the process, the infected innermost layer of teeth is removed permanently. The dentists will then fill and seal the cavity. A root canal could take 4 to 5 sittings and it is an expensive process.

Tooth extraction:

When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it needs to be extracted to prevent infection from going further. It just requires one sitting and is a rather inexpensive procedure. Light bleeding and swelling of gum may stay for a day or two; it will heal in about 2 weeks.


If teeth remain exposed to plaque and dental health is not taken care of, cracks, grooves and cavities start to develop in the teeth. The dental carries thus formed, become a hideout for bacteria in our mouth. So in order to prevent further damage or infection to the teeth, they are filled with a tooth-colored resin.

Caps and crown:

Bacteria in the mouth acts on food particles and produce an acid, this acid dissolves the teeth slowly, it may cause grooves, pits and cavities. Crown is a dental restoration process in which a cap is fitted over an entire damaged tooth.

Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the most common cosmetic dental procedure. During teeth whitening procedure, bleach is used to lighten the color and to remove staining from the outer layer of teeth.

Dentures, bridges and implants:

Dentures or bridges and implants are restorative processes to replace missing teeth or tooth, dentures are removable and are used to replace the whole set of teeth or a large number of missing teeth. Bridges are fixed in the mouth. The most common type of bridge is with crowns on either side to make the artificial tooth stable and comfortable.


Sealants are applied over the top of teeth to prevent them from erosion. It is usually applied on the surface of molars and premolars.

How can you really use this?

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