See a Weekend Dentist for a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Honolulu, HI

A weekend dentist can provide all the services you need when you find yourself dealing with a dental emergency. Accidents and injuries tend to damage teeth at the worst times possible, and they sometimes require immediate dental care. Not all injuries to a tooth count as a dental emergency. Some can be managed with home remedies and over-the-counter medication while you wait for a regular dental appointment.

Getting help for your dental emergency

Let us take a look at some common oral issues that require emergency dental care:

1. Severe toothache

Toothaches are one of the worst parts of having damaged teeth. The pain can be intense enough to prevent you from sleeping or concentrating on everyday tasks. A mild toothache can be managed with remedies and OTC products, but a severe toothache that affects everyday activities is typically a sign of serious issues like infection or a dental abscess.

A toothache that does not respond to any OTC toothache products is a sure sign emergency dental care is needed. Failing to get an infection treated can be life-threatening if it spreads to other parts of the body like the brain or heart.

A weekend dentist can address such pain by examining the tooth and using diagnostics like x-rays to get a clearer picture of what is going on inside the tooth. Root canals are typically used to treat infected teeth unless the infection is threatening to make its way into the jawbone. An extraction might be recommended at that point. Antibiotics might also be prescribed to help manage the infection.

2. Severely cracked or broken teeth

A severe break or chip can leave a tooth’s pulp chamber exposed. It can be caused by biting on something hard or trauma to the face. Teeth that have already been weakened by tooth decay are more likely to become chipped.

The standard approach when it comes to treating severely damaged teeth is removing the contents of the pulp chamber with a root canal. The dentist can then cover up the tooth with a crown to protect it from bacteria, acids, and bite forces. A severely broken or cracked tooth that is left untreated has an increased risk of becoming infected. Such a tooth will also cause toothaches when debris and other irritants in the mouth get into it.

3. Knocked out tooth

A knocked-out tooth always counts as a dental emergency. Dentists can typically reattach an intact tooth if the person makes it to a clinic within a couple of hours of the injury occurring. People who sustain such an injury should immediately store the intact tooth in saliva or warm milk and head to a dentist. If the tooth cannot be reattached, the dentist can replace the lost tooth with a dental implant.

Get the treatment you need

Dealing with a dental emergency? Head to our Honolulu clinic immediately to get emergency dental care.

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