Replace a Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

Dental Implant Honolulu, HI

If you have lost a tooth and it is not a wisdom tooth, you will need to get a replacement option, like a dental implant. Leaving a tooth missing can have adverse effects on oral health, even if the tooth is not in the front row. Continue reading to learn how you can replace your lost tooth with a dental implant.

The need for dental implants

When a tooth is lost, the teeth next to the gap start to shift out of place. The shifting process is detrimental to overall bite alignment and can affect dental functions. Another side effect is the gradual bone loss that occurs due to the loss of stimulation provided by the natural tooth roots. These are just a few reasons that patients should choose dental implants to replace their lost teeth.

Choosing a single dental implant has many benefits. It is the only option that replaces both the crown and root of the lost tooth. The implant acts as the artificial root and stimulates the jawbone to preserve it and prevent deterioration. Jawbone deterioration can affect the rest of the teeth and destabilize the bite. Another good part of an implant is that it does not need the natural teeth to stay in place or function, nor will it compromise their structural integrity.

This specific property makes dental implants different from other teeth replacement options. For instance, placing a dental bridge requires removing layers of the adjacent teeth and covering them with crowns to support the replacement tooth. For partial dentures, clasps will be used to hold the prosthetic around the existing teeth, which may also need to be altered to keep the clasps in place.

There is also the aesthetic aspect: A dental implant looks like a natural tooth. It does not just sit on the gums; it is rooted in the jawbone with the crown attached firmly to the implant. If a patient has an implant, it can be hard to tell that the natural tooth was lost.

The wait for dental implants is worth it

The dental implant procedure takes longer than other tooth-replacement options because of the planning and process involved. Patients will often need to undergo a CT scan and X-rays. After the implant is in place in the jawbone, it will need time to integrate with the jawbone. The process is called osseointegration and takes about three months. The integration process gives the implant a strong foothold in the jaw and makes it strong enough to last a long time and function naturally.

In the long run, the dental implant is a more cost-effective solution for tooth replacement than dental bridges and dentures. If the implant ever needs replacement, only the crown will be changed. The implant post can survive a lifetime in the jaw if properly placed.

In conclusion

If you are thinking of getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, book a consultation with the dentist to learn more about the process.

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