Common Causes of a Toothache

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A toothache does not isolate itself in the mouth. It affects the entire body. The pain tends to make you miserable and irritable. Some may even try to sleep through the pain and not move all day. If you want to know what causes a toothache, here are the facts.

Tooth abscess

Decay can progress enough to affect the tooth root. This happens under the visible body of the tooth. The surrounding tissue may also have an infection already. The pain is often pulsating. This makes it challenging to pinpoint the tooth causing the pain. The dentist must examine the patient right away to prevent tissue and bone loss.

Tooth decay

This is the most common cause of toothache. It affects everyone. A significant degree of decay must reach the sensitive dentin. A damaged dentin results in severe sensitivity to touch and temperature changes. Untreated decay results in cavities.

Sharp pain means a deep decay at the center of the tooth. At this point, the toothache is intense enough to prevent the person from performing daily activities. The dentist must address the issue right away. The immediate treatment will prevent complications and stop the pain.

Impaction or misalignment

Impacted wisdom teeth failed to erupt out of the gumline. These teeth develop underneath the gum tissue. This case is painful because the developing impacted teeth push against the neighboring tooth. It is also prone to infection. This causes extreme toothache in that specific area.

Misalignment of teeth causes pain as well. The crooked teeth press against neighboring teeth. A patient who has these conditions must see the dentist right away. Extracting the impacted tooth will help relieve the pain. Orthodontic treatment can reduce dental pain as it straightens the patient’s smile.

Dental fractures

Chipping and cracking of teeth can result from biting something hard or playing sports. A tooth fracture may reach the pulp of the tooth and cause a severe toothache. In this case, the dentist must perform a root canal procedure to rescue the tooth. A severe fracture can reach beyond the gumline. The dentist will not be able to rescue the tooth anymore. The dental extraction and a dental implant procedure will be next.

Orthodontic alignment

This type of treatment causes toothache. The aching pain often discourages the person to eat, drink, or speak. Pain shows how effective the orthodontic treatment is. It is common for the patient to use a knife and fork for burgers, sandwiches, or anything one might bite into. The patient may ask the dentist to make adjustments and loosen the grip of the brackets a little.

Damaged fillings

Dental fillings can restore a damaged tooth. They can repair deep fractures, cavities, grooves, and pits. Sometimes, biting into something hard or a sports injury can result in the damage or removal of these fillings. This results in a terrible toothache. Seeing the dentist right away to repair the fillings can prevent further damage to the tooth.

Getting immediate treatment for a toothache can improve your dental health

Pain in your tooth is not normal. It is never a good thing to ignore this type of pain. Seeing your dentist right away for a thorough dental exam can help determine the root cause of your toothache. An emergency dental exam can help give you immediate relief. This can help prevent complications as well.

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