Types of Dental Visits to a Dentist Open on Weekends

Dentist Open On Weekends Honolulu, HI

An appointment with a dentist open on weekends can end any dental problem right away. Getting dental care during the weekend helps a patient focus more on achieving relief and improving dental health. The weekend dentist often performs specific dental checks. If you want to know the types of dental visits you can have with a dentist open on weekends, here are the details.

Standard dental visit

Some people do not have the time to maintain dental health during busy weekdays. A standard dental visit with a dentist open on weekends will update the dental health provider with the patient’s dental health. The dentist will ask the patient about any changes in the patient’s general health. Then, a visual inspection will follow. The dentist will clean the patient’s teeth and see if there are any signs of diseases like oral cancer. Appropriate dental treatment recommendations will follow.

A standard visit with a dentist open on weekends will include deep cleaning. The dentist can choose to use mechanical scalers or ultrasonic ones to remove tartar and plaque below and above the gumline. Polishing removes the remaining plaque and staining on the surface of teeth. The polish contains fluoride and an abrasive substance. Fluoride strengthens and protects the teeth from bacteria.

In a standard dental visit, the dentist can recommend proper ways to care for teeth and gums. The dentist can also use dental X-rays to check if there are any hidden infections in the teeth, gums, and jawbone. Scheduling the procedures will come next, considering the patient will only be free during the weekends. The patient may also return for any of the treatments the weekend dentist may recommend.

Comprehensive dental visit

This type of dental visit involves the checking of the patient’s gums, teeth, neck, head, and other parts of the patient’s mouth. A dental emergency will need this type of dental visit to see the extent of the damage or infection. The dentist will check if the patient has swellings, growths, spots, cuts, and lesions. Inspection of the tonsil and throat will also take place.

The dentist will look at the patient’s neck and head for any tenderness or inflammation. Checking the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) will tell the dentist of any painful spots. A visual inspection of the patient’s teeth and dental restorations will confirm any damage. Checking the gums for any bleeding or inflammation will follow. Knowing the extent of the infection or damage is possible through dental X-rays.

Providing relief to the patients involves treating the affected areas. Treatments may include an emergency tooth reimplantation, root canal treatment, or dental extraction. The dentist will make these procedures as painless as possible for the patient. The patient may need to return for more elaborate treatments like dental implant surgery.

A dentist open on weekends will need to examine your mouth well for the right treatment

Seeing your weekend dentist may be the most optimal way to regain your dental health. A standard visit involves regular inspection and cleaning. Your dentist may need dental X-rays to update your dental records. A comprehensive dental visit needs a deeper kind of inspection and treatment. This includes dental emergencies. An appointment with a dentist open on weekends is a great way to maintain your dental health.

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