Types of Dental Filling Materials Options

dental filling materialsThe types of dental filling materials used to restore teeth are going to make a significant impact on both the appearance and health of the patient. In our dental office, we realize that many dentists still use silver or amalgam fillings or gold ones. However, in our clinic, we use ceramic fillings only. This is because we have found that there are numerous advantages to our patients in doing so.

Benefits of ceramic fillings.

Primarily, our patients appreciate how ceramic fillings are tooth-colored. We are able to design the specific shade of the filling to match the natural teeth. This means that they will blend in and be difficult, if not impossible, to notice. They are so natural looking that patients who come in for a cleaning after having a restoration completed, often do not remember which tooth was ever restored. We have even treated patients who forgot they ever had a cavity in the first place. This is truly an incredible benefit to having a ceramic filling placed. If we can make it so that our patients have a restoration that looks this natural, we have provided a great benefit to our patients both in their oral health and in their self-confidence. This is truly a win-win for appearance and health.

They are mercury-free

Another benefit to our patients receiving ceramic fillings is that they do not contain the health risk associated with amalgam ones. This is important because those silver amalgam fillings contain mercury. Mercury is dangerous enough that physicians warn pregnant women not to consume too much tuna. However, we regularly place this type of dental filling materials inside our patient's mouth. Over time, this can lead to further health problems.

They are durable

Some patients ask us if ceramic dental filling materials are durable since they look so amazing. The answer is yes. They are highly durable and designed to allow the tooth to function like it would if it was completely healthy and whole. In other words, there are no restrictions after the filling is placed other than common sense things like not chewing on a pencil or biting on pieces of ice. Their longevity is not quite as high as silver fillings but due to their natural appearance and health benefits, they are still the best solution available.

They are affordable

Though they look natural and have the health benefit of being able to restore the tooth, ceramic dental filling materials are very affordable. Many patients are concerned that they will be too expensive, like gold fillings. However, they cost far less than gold, even though they look more natural than gold does. Also, insurance will typically pay for fillings.

Next steps

When a patient comes in for an examination, we will determine if any fillings are necessary and if so, recommend tooth-colored ceramic ones. At this time, we invite questions and can help patients to understand the benefits of this solution in greater detail. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

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