The Advantages of a Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Honolulu, HI

For the millions of people with missing teeth, a multiple tooth implant helps. Whether from trauma, decay, or some type of health problem, this procedure works. If this sounds familiar, start by learning about your options. As a restorative dental solution, this allows you to eat without discomfort and smile without feeling embarrassed. But many other advantages exist.

Different types of multiple tooth implant

When it comes to a multiple tooth implant, dentists can recommend a few possibilities. No matter which one suits a patient, these all produce similar results. One is an endosteal implant, the most common type. This involves using the jawbone via the tooth root to place the implant. Depending on what the dentist suggests, the support includes titanium screws, plates, or cylinders.

Subperiosteal implants are not as common but are another possibility. For this, a dentist places the implant under the gumline as opposed to the jawbone. Typically, a dental professional recommends this for patients without adequate bone density to support the implant. For that reason, the titanium implants are shorter, smaller, and narrower than the other type.

Key advantages of a multiple tooth implant

A multiple tooth implant gives someone with several missing teeth or no teeth at all the ability to eat. Instead of passing on favorite foods, this allows people to consume whatever they want. These implants also enhance smiles and prevent both gum recession and bone deterioration. As artificial teeth that look and feel natural, the implants are completely comfortable. Also, these eliminate any risk of adjacent teeth from shifting.

The titanium that dentists use is a biocompatible material. So, a patient never has to worry about the body rejecting the implant or developing an infection. Instead, the implant bonds to the bone and remains firmly in place. Once bonded, a multiple tooth implant becomes the anchor or foundation on which the dentist sets the artificial teeth.

A multiple tooth implant is easy to care for. Just as with natural teeth, an individual would need to brush and floss at least twice a day. Unlike dentures, these are a permanent solution. That eliminates any problem of slippage as seen with dentures. Also, the person never takes the implants out to clean them. Day and night, they serve as natural teeth.

A dental lab customizes a multiple tooth implant based on the patient’s needs. That entails a high-tech lab making them before sending them back to the dentist. If necessary, either the lab or dentist can make any adjustments. However, that is rare. Although the entire process takes between two and four weeks, people love the results.

Time for a change

Whether you have lived with missing teeth for a month or several years, a dentist might offer you a multiple tooth implant. The dental professional will first ensure you make a good candidate and if so, will start the process. Just imagine talking, eating, laughing, and smiling with ease. You can, thanks to this restorative dental solution.

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