Shortening the time for Getting Dental Implants: Extraction, Placement and Restoration

Dental Implants Honolulu, HI

Dental implants are a common way to replace lost teeth. If you are missing teeth, you should not have to live with this embarrassment and the oral health challenges you face. Implants can restore the function of your mouth and revive your smile. Many implant methods require a long waiting period in between the different stages. But your dentist may be able to place your implants faster so that you can enjoy a full restoration sooner.

The causes of missing teeth

A major cause of missing teeth is poor oral hygiene. Lack of brushing and flossing can lead to the deterioration of the enamel layer. Bacteria can also build up on the tooth and at the gumline. This can cause decay and infections. Bone loss can also occur, which will lead to loose teeth.

However, even people who take good care of their teeth can still lose them. Accidents and injuries can knock a tooth out. This can often happen with front teeth due to a fall or biting into a hard food. A hard blow to the face can also break or dislodge teeth.

Dental implants: the long process

Many patients who get implants go through a multistep process that can take several months. It can start with the dentist taking X-rays and making impressions, then extracting damaged teeth. At a subsequent visit, the dentist makes an incision in the gums and places screw-like posts deep into the jaw. After a period of healing, the patient returns so that the dentist can reopen the gums and attach smaller pieces, called abutments, to the posts. The dentist allows the patient to heal again and then will place a crown over the abutment.

An overview of immediate placement and loading

For some patients, it may be preferable for the dentist to place the implants right after the extraction. After pulling a severely decayed or damaged tooth, the dentist will numb the patient’s mouth with a local anesthetic. The dentist will then place the post, abutment, and crown all as one piece. In some situations, the dentist may wait up to 48 hours after the extraction to place the implant. This is in contrast to the three- to 12-month period that traditional implants take.

The benefits

Dental implants are an effective tooth-replacement option. This solution can help the person eat normally once again and have the self-image they have been wanting. But there are also several trips to the dentist’s office and many months of waiting while gums heal. Immediate placement and loading eliminate much of this time and many of these visits. There will also be fewer surgeries and less of a chance of bone grafting procedures.

Shorten your treatment time

You do not have to suffer from gaps in your mouth any longer. You can also get dental implants without having to go through a grueling lengthy process. Talk to your dentist about whether you can get implants immediately following extraction. If this is an option for you, make an appointment so you can get started.

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