Regular Teeth Cleaning to Prevent Cavities

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Regular teeth cleaning is important not only for oral health but also overall health. While many people may schedule regular doctor appointments, they may forget about dental care. However, routine teeth cleaning is critical and just as important as a physical wellness exam.

There are many diseases that stem from bacteria and other harmful things which originate in the teeth and gums. Making sure that this doesn’t happen will not only keep people healthy but will also prevent painful cavities from forming. The only way to detect issues early is by relying on the guidance of a dentist. Most people are told they should have their teeth cleaned twice per year, while other people may need it more often for optimal health. 

In this article, we will list the reasons why keeping the teeth clean and intact is essential for preventing cavities and other problems. Ultimately, getting regular cleanings helps people stay healthy and their smiles vibrant and functional. 

Gets rid of tartar 

Tartar is hard on the teeth if it sets on them for too long. Tartar is a hard, sticky substance that can sit on the surface of the teeth or build up in the interdental cavities. The latter can lead to cavity formation, which means that preventing tartar from building up is crucial. Brushing and flossing are not effective at removing the tartar. The only surefire way to keep tartar from forming cavities is to get a professional cleaning. While regular maintenance is critical, a dentist can identify areas that may need a little more attention during regular flossing and brushing. 

It makes teeth smoother

People might not think that smoother teeth reduce cavity risk, but they do. A smooth tooth is less likely to trap bacteria and tartar on the tops, which will result in fewer cavities forming. To ensure smooth teeth, a dentist will use special tools and processes to clean and smoothen the teeth. This process helps ensure that cavities are less likely to get trapped in the crevices. 

Helps with monitoring cavities

Most people get cavities at some point in their lifetime. However, people should stay diligent on repairing cavities as soon as possible so that the issue does not spread. The more often a person goes to the dentist for teeth cleanings, the more often they will receive proper monitoring for cavities and other dental issues. Catching cavities early or even before they have the chance to form is the best and most effective method at preventing them from forming and progressing. Cavities left untreated can become bigger issues that may even lead to total tooth extraction. Catching a cavity early is critical in saving the tooth in the long-term. 

Strengthens the enamel of teeth 

Strong enamel is one of the main ways to prevent cavities from forming. Enamel forms a protective barrier on the surface of teeth that helps protect against cavity formation. People may lose enamel based on genetics or the types of foods that they eat. Regular brushing and flossing will help strengthen enamel, but a thorough cleaning by a dentist is much more effective. A dentist can also provide some treatments and other protections for people who may have less enamel than others. 

Helps develop a healthier lifestyle

One of the leading causes of cavities is eating sugary or acidic foods that are bad for teeth and for  overall health. A dentist will advise patients about how to take in foods and drinks that are better for their body and teeth.

It prevents diseases from forming inside the mouth and teeth

Cavities also form because of other diseases that develop within the mouth. These diseases can spread to the teeth and gums, resulting in cavities. A tooth cleaning will help prevent these issues from happening.

It prevents cavities from forming in nooks and crannies

Cavities are troubling when they form anywhere, but especially when they form in tough-to-reach places in the mouth. Keeping cavities from forming in these places is essential, as they can be very difficult to repair.

Allows a dentist to discover defects within your teeth 

Being proactive is crucial, not just with teeth but also with health in general. A doctor will help keep patient's bodies healthy, and a dentist will discover defects with teeth before they have the chance to progress into cavities. Regular cleanings are the only way for a dentist to discover problems before they progress.

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