What Intermittent Tooth Pain Might be a Sign of

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Tooth pain may bother you all of a sudden and then go away. This irregular type of toothache means something. Many people experience this type of dental pain. Busy lifestyles often prompt many adults to dismiss toothaches. This continues until the problem worsens. If you want to know what your intermittent tooth pain could mean, here are the details.

Receding gums

Gums protect the tooth root and cover the jawbone. This tissue recedes because of brushing, eating, infection, or aging. Dental roots lose the protection and support they need as gum tissue pulls back. The recession exposes the roots to bacteria, temperature changes, and food particles. This makes teeth prone to developing gum disease. Without protective gums, the teeth experience tooth pain.

Worn enamel

A worn-down enamel exposes the sensitive dentin. It also exposes the dental nerves. The exposure of these surfaces during drinking and eating results in sudden pain. Brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste to control the shooting pain is a good idea. A dental visit will confirm the primary cause of the discomfort.

Eroding dentin

This is a condition involving the exposure of sensitive dentin. The enamel has eroded already by this time. Enamel can deteriorate because of brushing hard with a hard-bristled toothbrush. It can also happen because of using too much mouthwash. Eating acidic foods can cause this as well. Desensitizing toothpaste can help reduce dental pain.

Cracked dental crown or tooth

A natural tooth or a dental crown can crack. This can cause terrible tooth pain. Even a tiny crack can allow food particles into the tooth. There could be a broken-off fragment of a dental crown or tooth missing.

A dental crown will need immediate repairs. A natural tooth with a crack will need a dental X-ray to determine the extent of the crack. The tooth will need extraction if the crack has reached the jawbone. The dentist will perform a root canal treatment if the crack reaches up to the pulp. Root canal treatment will clear the infection and strengthen the tooth.

Cavity formation

This type of dental problem can start small. Over time, the tiny holes become big enough to cause damage through the enamel. Then, the decay reaches the dentin. A decayed tooth cannot heal itself. The cavity will only continue to enlarge. Tooth pain will worsen.

The dentist will need to fill the cavity to stop bacteria from eating away from what is left of the tooth. An untreated cavity can lead to more infection and pain. The patient may need a dental crown someday. Tooth loss is also a possibility.

Sinus infection

This health issue may also disguise itself as jaw or tooth pain. An infected sinus suffers from inflammation and fills with pressure. The swelling can press on the dental nerve endings. This then causes tooth pain.

Intermittent tooth pain will always warn you of a problem

Pain is always a warning sign. It may indicate a brewing infection or injury. Seeing your dentist right away is ideal the moment you experience intermittent tooth pain. Early detection results in early treatment.

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