Urgent Dental Services from a Dentist Open on the Weekends

Emergency Dentist Honolulu, HI

Seeing a dentist that offers urgent dental services and is open on the weekends can make a lot of difference when a dental emergency occurs. Delaying an important dental procedure is not advisable due to the risk of complications or permanent damage. Aside from the severe and unbearable pain that patients may have to deal with in such cases, the condition may worsen and require invasive procedures to correct.

Urgent dental services

The following are some of the urgent dental services available from a dentist that is open on the weekends:

Knocked-out tooth

The dentist usually treats people who have knocked out a tooth, usually due to an accident. The dentist can save the tooth if it is replaced into its socked with one or two hours of the incident. The dentist will first examine the tooth to ensure its roots are not damaged. They will also check the oral cavity to see if the gums or bone tissues were affected by the injury.

The tooth will be rinsed properly and set into its socket. Afterward, the dentist will use a splint or composite material to hold the tooth to nearby ones for support. It will take about eight weeks for the tooth to reattach to the jawbone. The dentist will also arrange aftercare and schedule a root canal procedure.

Severe and persistent tooth pain

The dentist can also treat patients who are also dealing with acute tooth pain. The dental professional will diagnose the pain’s origin and recommend the best course of treatment. Sometimes, an abscess treatment or emergency root canal may be required. If it is an abscess, the dentist will drain the pus from the gums and administer antibiotics and pain meds. For the root canal procedure, the infected pulp and nerve tissue will be removed. The tooth is disinfected and covered with a dental crown.

Broken or cracked teeth

Sometimes, patients may suffer cracked or broken teeth following a blow or trauma to the face. X-rays of the teeth will be taken to ensure the root of the broken tooth is not damaged. If the root is okay, the dentist will recommend covering the tooth with a crown to protect its structure from additional damages. This involves taking impressions of the tooth for the dental lab. If the damage is not so severe, resin composite may be enough to repair the tooth.

Severe gum bleeding

Bleeding gums is usually the symptom of a major issue like gum disease or infection. Infections are often usually easy to treat before it gets to its advanced stage. Once the infection starts to spread to other areas, the treatment may become more invasive. It is better to go for treatment once the signs appear.

In conclusion

When faced with a dental emergency, especially on the weekend, the next step should be visiting a dentist that provides urgent dental services. Early intervention is important to prevent complications. If you need more information, feel free to book an appointment with the dentist.

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