Types of Urgent Dental Visits to a Dentist Open on the Weekends

Dentist Open On Weekends Honolulu, HI

Sometimes, a visit to a dentist open on weekends can be a regular dental checkup with a dental cleaning. At other times, a weekend dental appointment can turn into an urgent one. These types of dental problems can cause panic and anxiety. That is why relief is a priority. If you want to know the types of urgent dental visits to a dentist open on weekends, here are the details.

Dental cracks or chips

These can happen while biting on a hard object or piece of food. Dental damage can also happen because of an accident or physical injury. Bruxism can also put a person at risk of cracking or chipping teeth. This is a dental emergency. It is one of the urgent dental visits with a dentist open on the weekends.

Knocked-out or loose teeth

A strong facial impact can cause loosen teeth or even cause them to fall out. This is an emergency dental visit. The patient must keep the tooth inside its socket. This is possible by biting the tooth down.

For a knocked-out tooth, the patient must find the tooth and hold it by its crown. Rinsing and not scrubbing can remove the particles from the tooth. Placing the tooth in milk can keep it moist until the patient arrives at the emergency dental clinic. The dentist open on weekends can re-implant the tooth.

Soft tissue injury

This is an urgent type of dental visit to a dentist open on the weekends. Injuries to the tongue, lips, the inner lining of the cheeks, and gums need treatment from the dentist. Some soft tissue injuries like these may receive treatment from an emergency room. Others need treatment from a dentist open on the weekends. Common types of oral soft tissue injuries are punctures, tears, and lacerations.

Severe tooth pain

Pain in the tooth can result from a wide collection of dental issues. It is an urgent dental visit. Tooth pain can come from something lodged between two teeth. It can come from a pulp infection as well. The type of pain can be intense, sudden, or progressive. Seeing a dentist open on the weekends is important.

The patient can place a cold compress on the pain site. Keeping calm prevents anxiety, which increases blood flow throughout the body. The pain will increase if the blood vessels constrict. Relaxing while on the road to the dentist can reduce the throbbing pain.

Lost dental restoration

Sometimes, a hard piece of candy or an injury can remove a dental filling or crown from a tooth. These dental restorations protect the tooth from further damage. They shield the tooth from further bacterial infection. The tooth loses its protection once a filling or crown dislodges from it. This is an emergency visit. The dentist open on the weekends must repair or replace the lost restorations as soon as possible.

Seeing a dentist open on the weekends for urgent dental visits can restore your dental health

Having a weekend dentist can help give you solutions to any dental problems. Urgent visits to the dental clinic can provide you with immediate relief. You can see a dentist open on weekends for any of the mentioned urgent reasons. Achieving quick relief is the priority of every weekend dentist.

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