A Root Canal Dentist in Honolulu: Explaining the Basics of a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a dental restoration meant to preserve a tooth from destruction after wear caused by tooth decay.  This therapy involves the removal of the infected tissue in the tooth to preserve oral health for the long haul.

Here is an in-depth look at everything you need to know about root canals.

Basics of Root Canal Treatment

The dentist will remove the infected tissue, seal the roots of the tooth and subsequently reinforce the tooth.  Root canals are also sealed for protection and patient comfort.  This procedure is stereotyped as painful yet the reality is it causes minimal discomfort.  Ask those who have experienced a root canal about the pain of a toothache spurred by an infection and you will find they are ecstatic with the results of this procedure.  In many cases, a root canal is the sole means of relieving toothache pain.

Indications a Root Canal is Necessary

Tooth decay gradually progresses through teeth yet the signs of this decay hinge on the stage of regression.  In the initial stage of tooth decay, before the cavity is fully developed, there might not be any more than a slight bit of pain after making contact with cold and hot foods and/or beverages.  When the cavity is formed, the aching worsens.

By the time the root canal is necessary, symptoms can include a discoloration that manifests from inside the tooth, significant pain in a tooth and/or nearby gum tissues, bad breath stemming from the infected portion of the tooth and an infected pocket known as an abscess.  This abscess develops at the tooth root.  If the abscess is not treated, there is the potential for significant damage to gum tissues as well as the jaw bone.

Root Canal Benefits

Meet with your dentist to discuss this oral health procedure and you will find it does not deserve its negative reputation.  This procedure saves one or several teeth that would have been extracted.  The tooth is anchored within the bone even though the pulp is no longer present.  The tooth will function without flaw as you bite and chew.  As long as the tooth that has a root canal is properly cared for, it will last just as long as natural teeth.

The Steps of the Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy starts with a removal of the diseased pulp.  The remaining empty space, known as the root canal, is subsequently cleaned and enlarged.  The canal might be disinfected with a special medication.  In some cases, a temporary filling will be placed.  The dentist will determine if it is prudent to leave the canal open so the tooth can drain.  If the infection in the tissues near the tooth must be treated, an oral antibiotic will be applied.  The next visit involves the removal of the temporary filling so the permanent filling can be placed.  In the final visit, the crown is positioned over the tooth for added strength.

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