How Dental Implants Can Affect Orthodontic Treatment

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Both dental implants procedures and orthodontic treatment are dental practices with the aim of improving a person’s smile. Sometimes there may be a need for both; depending on the structure of the mouth, people may end up needing tooth replacement along with teeth straightening.

In such a case, patients may wonder how will dental implants affect orthodontic treatment. There are a few important things to know about the impact that dental implants can have on such treatment. For anyone who is in the position of needing tooth replacement while undergoing orthodontic care, it is helpful to understand how such dental processes interact.

Orthodontic treatments and dental implants

Perhaps surprisingly, it is not uncommon for people to need dental implants while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, most orthodontists and dentists agree that it is possible to have implants placed during orthodontic treatment, whether that be braces or aligners. However, there are a few challenges that may arise, and it may not always be recommended.

Avoiding problems when possible

Most orthodontists state that it is best to wait to have dental implants placed until after orthodontic treatment is complete. Once an implant is placed, it cannot be moved since it is not a natural tooth. Orthodontic treatment aims to straighten natural teeth, and if a dental implant is placed during this realigning, the teeth surrounding it may move or adjust. This could cause problems with the implant during healing.


If a dental implant is absolutely necessary during orthodontic treatment, then it is important to be aware of the risks. The natural teeth may shift in an abnormal way because the jawbone will also be adapting to the new titanium implant that it is embedded. The teeth may take longer to straighten due to the introduction of these titanium implants.

The implant itself may also experience complications such as delays in healing or fusing. Delayed healing and fusing can also make the entire mouth more at risk for bacterial infections. When dental implants are placed, an oral surgeon makes incisions in the gums to expose the jawbone. If the incisions do not heal as quickly then it is more likely to have an infection form.

More discomfort

Orthodontic treatment is typically not painful, but there are some times where discomfort is felt, particularly when adjustments are made. When dental implants are also introduced to the mouth during orthodontic treatment, patients typically experience more overall discomfort in the mouth. Implants require surgery, which can cause extra irritation while the patient is also undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Seeking more information about dental implants with orthodontic treatment

A dental implant procedure is possible during orthodontic treatment, but it is important to be aware of the risks and the impact that it may have on the process. For further questions about orthodontic treatment and dental implants, contact a dentist or orthodontist's office and ask a dental professional to further explain the effects that getting an implant may have on your treatment.

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