5 Tips To Prevent Chipping Your Teeth

Looking for ways to avoid chipping your teeth? When someone gets a chip in one or their teeth, it is going to need to be repaired by a dental professional as soon as possible. If the chip is not addressed in a timely manner, it is likely it will get worse. If it does get worse it can lead to having a cracked tooth, which is going to be harder to repair. Since there are quite a few ways that you can get one or more chips in your teeth, it is a good idea to know what to watch out for.

5 tips to prevent chipping your teeth

Anytime a dental patient has a chip in one of their teeth, it has the potential to lead them to additional oral problems. Here are five tips that everyone should follow to help prevent a chipped tooth diagnosis.

1. Stop chewing on things that are really hard. When someone chews on things that are really hard there is a pretty good chance that they will somehow damage their teeth. Some of these more common hard items include nuts, hard candy, olive pits, ice, popcorn kernels and even bones.

2. Stop using teeth as a tool to open something. Many people will simply use their teeth to open something when they are not able to find a tool to open the item with, i.e. knife, scissors. While our teeth are indeed very strong, when they are used to do something they are not supposed to do, there is a good chance that they will be damaged during the process.

3. Wear some type of mouth guard when grinding or clenching teeth. Bruxism is a fairly common diagnosis amongst dental patients and can happen during the day or during the night. The act of grinding teeth will eventually make them weaker, which means that they will be more susceptible to chipping.

4. Wear some type of mouth guard when playing sports. When playing contact sports it really is important to protect teeth so they do not get damaged.

5. Be careful! Accidents happen all the time that could potentially chip a tooth, i.e. bumping into a wall, falling down.

Already have a chipped tooth?

The fact that chipping your teeth can lead to additional oral problems means it is a good idea to care for your teeth and avoid things that chip them. If you already have a chip in one or more of your teeth, just give us a call so we can make an appointment for you. Our professional dentists will provide you with the options available for fixing your chipped tooth. Once your chips are fixed, you’re going to feel much more confident when smiling.

The best part?

You can call (808) 450-2101 today to reach Diamond Head Dental Care and schedule an appointment.

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